Yume Fuusen – AQUA TIMEZ English Translation


A girl standing in front of one picture, gazing at it, without getting tired
The hand and hand which could have sketched make love flow
Everyone probably sees the same dream, don’t you think?
Something which is continuously done without interuption will reflect soap bubbles of the future
Blowing hope is still skipped over in the blue sky
I had nothing to fear

On the hill of unconsciousness you say “it seems”, and the wind blows, right?
It’s fine if you, inside of that wind, dance and fill your chest
When the decoration you clinged to was sent away
You took back yourself
It was your plain, wonderful self

Inside a picture which could have been named a “promise”
I wonder what kind of dream us two were seeing
We did that thing with my little finger and little finger
How many things could I have protected, do you think? It could have made me think
The picture, the ideal, the memories, and the walk
They took me, who could have realized, until it was night
On loneliness’s road that doesn’t rain, the star doesn’t shine
Now, the light of before a thousand years reflects that star in your eyes

Things like happiness and words are forgetting the usual struggle
It’s alright if on my road that figure is here in that way
Everyone is a traveler walking forward facing somewhere
Although on the broken journey a loving human’s smiles could have been saved

Things like “how was yesterday?” are becoming things like “how is tomorrow?”
I think about various things, but
Rather than being scared of things that aren’t scary
Let’s go, live, believe in our strength
And face the things that are here


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