Yume Fuusen – AQUA TIMEZ English Translation


A girl standing in front of one picture, gazing at it, without getting tired
The hand and hand which could have sketched make love flow
Everyone probably sees the same dream, don’t you think?
Something which is continuously done without interuption will reflect soap bubbles of the future
Blowing hope is still skipped over in the blue sky
I had nothing to fear

On the hill of unconsciousness you say “it seems”, and the wind blows, right?
It’s fine if you, inside of that wind, dance and fill your chest
When the decoration you clinged to was sent away
You took back yourself
It was your plain, wonderful self

Inside a picture which could have been named a “promise”
I wonder what kind of dream us two were seeing
We did that thing with my little finger and little finger
How many things could I have protected, do you think? It could have made me think
The picture, the ideal, the memories, and the walk
They took me, who could have realized, until it was night
On loneliness’s road that doesn’t rain, the star doesn’t shine
Now, the light of before a thousand years reflects that star in your eyes

Things like happiness and words are forgetting the usual struggle
It’s alright if on my road that figure is here in that way
Everyone is a traveler walking forward facing somewhere
Although on the broken journey a loving human’s smiles could have been saved

Things like “how was yesterday?” are becoming things like “how is tomorrow?”
I think about various things, but
Rather than being scared of things that aren’t scary
Let’s go, live, believe in our strength
And face the things that are here


Aqua Timez – Yasashii Kioku ~Evalasting II~ (Gentle Memory ~Evalasting II~)


Grandpa once said that when people have reached this age
it will be very difficult for them to understand each other
Grandpa once spilt that when people have reached this age
they will be very afraid of getting separated

Sitting deeply in the chair, you gaze at a distant place
Loneliness sways within the depth of your eyes
Granpa’s self only

But I undestand as well, just a little
as for one day I will finally love somebody that much
just like you who love Grandma earnestly

Father once said that when you’re still a boy
you protected a girl no matter what kind of thing was happening
and then it continued in this way
within the time, you protected mother

Without raising the voice, the reason can never line up
just as the peaceful lake informed with its figure

Now I understand as well, just a little
as for thinking seriously is different with doing seriously
silently, in return you gave us your affection

Whether it’s between parent and child or between men and women
the affection in both connections is wonderful
Perhaps the memories could be reserved

In me, the memories such as those don’t exist
From now, if the reason is going to be said
Won’t it be let to be sketched?

Yet in the ghastly tomorrow
I load a set of pictures of hope

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aiko – yokogao

nemutte ita kokoro no naka ni
sasai na sasai na chiisana kizu itsu no ma ni
sono sukima kara afurete kuru no wa
anata no na yasashiku tsuyoi me yubi
kami subete ni kidzukasareru

deaeta koto hanashi wo shita koto
tsugi wa furetai to itsu kara ka negatteta

* okosareta omoi wa tomaranai kara tsumazuitemo
mune wa kaze wo kitte yokogao ni koi wo shita
atashi wa totemo setsunai
anata wo totemo itoshii

ano hi guuzen joshuseki ni notta
tokubetsu ni kanjita SHI-TO no netsu
migikata ga kusuguttakute

machikutabireru nagai mainichi
kitto anata ni atte inai sei da ne

tsurai toki ga attemo kagayaku sube mo shitteru hazu
denwa ga naru tabi ni yokogao ga ukabu no wa
yappari sukoshi setsunai
anata wo itsumo itoshii

ameagari ni futari aruita michi
ashioto ga itsumo to chigatte nandaka ureshii

* okosareta omoi wa tomaranai kara tsumazuitemo
mune wa kaze wo kitte yokogao ni koi wo shita
atashi wa totemo setsunai
anata wo totemo itoshii



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MINA, Saudi Arabia — Chanting “God is great,” millions of Muslims on Sunday stoned pillars representing the devil in a symbolic rejection of temptation on the second day of their annual hajj pilgrimage, a day that also marks the start of the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Vast crowds cast pebbles as they flowed past the three pillars, which now resemble curved walls, in a four-level sprawling concrete structure built to expedite the flow of pilgrims. The ritual will be repeated for two more days, with participants eventually throwing stones at all three pillars.

Muslim pilgrims cast stones at a pillar, symbolizing the stoning of Satan, in a ritual called “Jamarat,” the last rite of the annual hajj, in Mina near the Saudi holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011. The annual Islamic pilgrimage draws 2.5 million visitors each year…

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